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For Physicians

For Physicians

Temple Health Center City offers award-winning medical services, easily scheduled appointments and extended hours—all in a highly convenient location for your patients who live or work in Center City Philadelphia.

Our office is fully staffed by board-certified surgical and medical specialists from Temple University Hospital. They offer onsite consultations and a huge array of specialized services for your patients with neurologic, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and urologic conditions.

As always, we deeply respect your role as our referring physician and will provide frequent and thorough updates for every patient you send our way. Ongoing communication detailing your patient's progress remains a major priority at all levels.

Neurology at Temple Health Center City offers:
  • Leading-edge diagnosis and non-surgical treatments for neurologic disorders
  • Consultations, pre-op and follow-up appointments for patients undergoing neurologic surgery
  • An advanced Movement Disorders Program offering specialized diagnosis and treatment for patients with Parkinson's disease, restless leg syndrome and other movement disorders
  • Referrals to Temple University Hospital for neurologic surgery
General Cardiology at Temple Health Center City offers:
  • On-site diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of cardiovascular conditions
  • Referrals to the board-certified surgeons of Temple University Hospital
  • On-site pre-op and follow-up appointments if surgery is required
Urology at Temple Health Center City offers:
  • One-on-one consultations, certain diagnostic procedures and an array of non-surgical treatments, including medications
  • All pre-surgical appointments and post-surgical follow-ups
  • Referrals to Temple University Hospital for an array of laparoscopic and/or robotic-assisted urologic surgeries